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Service Station
US$ 500,000

US$ 45,000,000

Material mines
US-$ 12,000,000

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Farmland (sugar, cattle) (18)

Reference No: Sfm-101f

Beautiful cattle farm near SFM
Lot: 2,000.00 tarea = 1,257,600.00 m² = 310.76 acre

Price per Tarea: RD$ 25,000

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Reference No: Mp-129f

Beautiful cattle farm, 15 minutes from the main road to Samana. A part Mahogany planted. House for employees, warehouse, weight.
Lot: 20,000.00 tarea = 12,576,000.00 m² = 3,107.60 acre

Price per Tarea: RD$ 22,000

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Reference No: Mp-125f

Large cattle farm, Large Cattle farm, in a part of coconut planted, near the highway Santo Domingo - Samana.
Lot: 29,000.00 tarea = 18,235,200.00 m² = 4,506.02 acre

Price per Tarea: RD$ 15,000

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Reference No: Mp-120f

Big beautiful ranch with various installations and small house.
Lot: 6,000.00 tarea = 3,772,800.00 m² = 932.28 acre

Price per Tarea: RD$ 18,000 (DOP)

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Reference No: Mp-119f

Nice big cattle farm.

Price per Tarea: RD$ 16,000 (DOP)

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Reference No: Mp-105t

Property with clear titles, easy access, completely flat land, water and electricity, they are selling also in parts.
Lot: 200,000.00 tarea = 125,760,000.00 m² = 31,075.97 acre

Price per Tarea: RD$ 8,500

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Petra Fischer, La Vega, Dominican Republic