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Service Station
US$ 500,000

US$ 45,000,000

Material mines
US-$ 12,000,000

Eliminate Fear of Buying Real-Estate in a Foreign Country - continuation -

Among the risks covered are: title vested on another person:
Title defect, lien, charge, privilege, mortgage or encumbrance; forgery, fraud, undue influence, duress, incompetence, incapacity or impersonation in the conveyance; lack of right of access to and from the property; easement or right of way on the title; invalidity of any document upon which the title is based because it was not properly executed, sealed, acknowledged, notarized, delivered or recorded; invalidity of any document upon which the title is based because it was executed under a falsified, expired or otherwise invalid power of attorney; erroneous or inadequate legal description of the land.
Title Insurance may be obtained during or after the purchase of Real Estate, but we recommend getting it before your purchase to prevent any possible long lasting lawsuits afterwards.
In the Dominican Republic as in many Latin American and European countries, the Government provides Title Insurance. Unfortunately, the indemnity fund never collected sufficient funds to become operative and property owners remain unprotected.  

Petra Fischer, La Vega, Dominican Republic